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Cystal Leaf Print Ashtray

Crystal Print Ashtray

This unique four cigar ashtray is made from clear K9 crystal with tobacco leaf art applied to the base that reflects throughout the entire piece.
Packed individually in a custom gift box.
Dimensions (Outside): 5.8" x 5.8" x 1.65"H

COE Ashtray

CAO Ashtray

Bright Red Cigar Ashtray with CAO logo on sides on bottom of piece. Made of heavy porcelain, bottom is felt lined to proevent slippage. This ashtray measures approx 10" long by 5 3/4" wide and approx 3" tall. Comes with a black bag for storage.

Crystal Ashtray

Crystal Cigar Ashtray

Dimensions: 6-7/8"W x 4 "D x 1"H

Cigar Ashtray dk marble

Desktop Cigar Ashtray - Marble Stone in Color


This wonderful and sturdy ashtray is equipped with  stainless steel components.

Cigar ashtray

Desktop Cigar Ashtray - Black Leather Style Finish

This unique ashtray is equipped with a drawer for holding a lighter, cutter and/or punch. The components are stainless steel.

Red Wood Ashtray

3 Wood Cigar Triangle Ashtray

The solid wood construction means you get a highly dependable ashtray that will be able to handle all those late night poker nights. The burl veneer with brass inserts, adds a level of style and sophistication.

Cherrywood Round

Cherry Wood Round Ashtray

This great new ashtray has refined round design and is subtle and stylish. This great ashtray features a deep dish and can accommodate up to 4 cigars.          Features: 7" Round Design
Large Brass Bowl Insert for Easy Cleaning
High Gloss Deep Cherry Wood Finish

Closed Folding Cigar Ashtray

Folding Cigar Ashtray with Accessories - Cherry wood Finish

Cherry Matt finish folding Cigar ashtray with accessories, including cigar cutter and cigar punch. Cigar arm rest and ashtray, which can be removed for easier cleaning from the base.
      Size when folded is 12 x 12 x 6cm.          Size when open 12 x 24 x 3cm.

Spinning Metal Ashtray

Spinning Metal Cigar/Cigarette Ashtray

A decent sized ashtray, the Spinner takes care of ash with ease with its modern spinning ashing mechanism. Depositing ash into the depths below, the Spinner really provides a quality ash every time and aids in a relaxing smoke.

White Dice Spin Ashtray

White Dice Ceramic Spinning Ashtray

Spinning Ashtray Dice with Black Dots on White. Medium size.

See in the Gift section for our matching Dice Spinning Ashtray/Lighter Set.

Portable Keychain AshtrayZippo Portable Ashtray

Zippo Portable Pocket Sliding Ashtray

This portable sliding ashtray is a must for those on the go smokers.

Bobken Ashtrays

Bobken Ashtrays

This removable ashtray fits cupholders in your car, golf cart, RV, boat, and can even hang on window frames if there are no cupholders in sight. The specially-designed lid traps smoke and eliminates stale odors, keeping ashes contained and out of sight. When you need to extinguish your cigar, just drop it in. This ashtray is made from heavy-duty plastic and the lid comes off easy for emptying and cleaning.